This is a story about teamwork and amazing results. Back in the winter, I had a vision to put together a styled shoot with a bunch of other vendors. The winter is often a slow period and I wanted to plan something to fill that time. It was then that I spotted that a flower vendor, Flowers by Kimmylee, was looking to do the same. We teamed up. It was not too long before we had a model, hair stylist, flowers, make-up artist, and myself. We started planning for a shoot and when it warmed up enough to be outside we made it happen!

You will see lots of images below of the gorgeous Madeline Dembowski. She has been modeling for a couple of years on the side and volunteered for our project. Madeline gave amazing looks and was lots of fun to be around. She braved 50-degree weather for over an hour in this beautiful dress that did not keep her warm. Huge props to her. Check out more of her work on her instagram (@itsmadelinelizabeth).

Flowers by Kimmylee

The flowers were all put together by Flowers by Kimmylee. The flowers in the images look real, but they are actually all fake flowers. I was legitimately blown away by her creativity and eye for color. The bouquet is also not your standard shape. She was able to construct a beautiful arrangement that was somewhat heart-shaped. It was absolutely gorgeous. The awesome thing about her flower arrangements is that 10 years from now, they will still look as amazing as they did the day of your event.

When I got married over a decade ago, we bought fresh flowers. They were pretty, but after a few weeks, they were dry and fragile. Eventually, we had to toss the bouquet out because we had nowhere to keep it safe and on display. Had we known that people like Kimmylee existed, we would have definitely gone with the silk flowers!

Hair by Brittnay Lane

What can I say? Brittnay is fantastic. Madeline had short hair and Brittnay managed to create two gorgeous looks with it. One with her hair down and one with it up. I absolutely loved the way she created wavy curls and also added the pins with the pearls. She is laid back and fun to be around! I don't often sit in a salon getting my hair done, but I am pretty sure that if I was I would want to have someone like Brittnay to spend the time with. Speaking of salons... Brittnay just opened her own studio! Check it out at or on her instagram (@brittnaylane_hair).

I would totally recommend her incredible work to any brides out there.

Makeup by Erin Hills Makeup Artistry

As a photographer, I spend a lot of time retouching images. Retouching involves zooming close up on people's faces and finding all the little things that we often gloss over in everyday life. Quite often, when retouching women's faces, you can see where makeup was not applied consistently or evenly. When editing this session, that was not the case. Erin did an immaculate job. She managed to create a very natural look that had a nice warmth of color around the eyes and cheeks. I mean, the proof is in the images below. If you are looking for an MUA, go find Erin at

Catching Last Light

My absolute favorite time of the day to shoot is when the sun is going down. The ambient light drops and that allows for creating dramatic lighting with my off-camera flash just about anywhere. We thus went out to the lakeshore where we could catch the sunset in the background. Absolutely jaw-dropping stuff folks. These were my favorite shots of the whole project.

Why not capture magic for YOUR wedding?

I hope you enjoyed seeing all of the gorgeous imagery that we managed to create. If you are impressed, let me have an opportunity to provide the same kind of beautiful shots for you on your wedding day! I pride myself in creating dramatic images that wow my clients. You deserve to be in a shot that makes you feel amazing. I still have some availability for the remainder of the year and 2023, so if that is you, reach out! Can't wait to hear from you!

The team. From the left: Kimmylee, Erin Hills, Brittnay Lane, Madeline Dembowski, a friend, and Jeromy Tompkins.