Senior Portraits / Personal Branding

What to Expect

Consultation Meeting

Portrait sessions all begin with an optional consultation meeting. It is a time to meet in person or remotely (phone call or Google Meet) and get to know one another. I am huge on tailoring your session to be all about you and trying to distill your essence into a photograph. We can discuss location and even wardrobe if you want. It is also a time for you to get to know me a little, because the best shots happen when you feel comfortable with the guy behind the camera.

The Session

We will get together for however long you choose and have some fun capturing you at your best. If you want to bring a friend to tag along, by all means go for it! Let me know what music you like and we will stream it during the session. For wardrobe changes, I have a little pop-up changing station that you can use if there is none readily available nearby.

Online Gallery and Proofs

After the session, I will go through the images taken and select the best. An hour session will typically produce 30+ proof images that I will upload to an online gallery for you to look through. You can then select which images you want for me to really dial in with a professional-level retouch. If you have acne that you want removed, I can clear that up in a way that looks natural and not overdone. Of course, if you have thoughts on the retouching process, I would be happy to chat.

The Results

When I have completed your professionally-retouched images, typically 1 to 2 weeks, I will send you a new online gallery with a download PIN. Your images will be downloadable in digital form with a print release so you can print them and/or post them on social media.

Referral Program

The standard and deluxe packages are eligible for participation in the client referral program. Participants in the referral program are provided a referral code to share with their friends. Any successfully referred session that is completed within 6 months of the participant's session will result in a $15 refund. The total refund is limited to the amount paid for the participant's package excluding any extra products purchased.

Pricing Guide


- Studio or outdoor session
- 5 professionally-retouched images
- Digital downloads with print release
- Option to purchase more



** Most Popular Package **
- Studio or outdoor session
- 8 professionally-retouched images
- Digital downloads with print
- Option to purchase more
- Eligible for referral program



- Studio or outdoor session
- 12 professionally-retouched images
- Digital downloads with print release
- Eligible for referral program