Family Sessions

What to Expect


Each session typically begins with a short conversation to learn a little bit about you and what you might be looking for in your session. Whether you want to do your session at your home, with an urban vibe, or in the country, we can make it happen. We are all about providing images that you will love. We can also learn a little bit about if you have kids and how old they are. Knowing this helps us put together a game plan to keep them interested. If you want, we can also discuss styling for the shoot.

The Session

We will spend an hour of orchestrated family time together free from all of the distractions of phones and the rest of life. I will come prepared with a plan that will hopefully keep your kids interested in the shoot. The goal is for you all to have a good time no matter what and produce some beautiful images of your family. Keep in mind, that even sessions where kids are being less than angels produce beautiful images.


I will then cull the images and professionally edit about 30 images that I believe are the best. Those images will then be posted to an online gallery for you to view and purchase. Until this point, there will have been no money out of your pocket. The gallery has a built-in print shop that will allow you to either buy the digital copy of the images or prints of them. Digital downloads can be shared with your friends and printed at whatever print lab you choose. The beauty about this approach is that you spend as little or as much as you want. If you only like 15 of the 30 images, then you have the ability to spend money on those 15 images only! It puts you in the driver seat and allows you to know what you are spending your money on. 

Pricing & Packages

Flex Pricing

- Studio or outdoor
- Flat $20 session fee
- Prints / digital downloads are purchased after the session through the online gallery. Digital download pricing is described below.

$20 + purchase

Fixed Pricing

- Studio or outdoor
- 1 hour session
- 30+ professionally-edited images
- Online gallery
- Digital downloads included for all images in gallery


Digital Download Pricing

The image sale is set up so that you can buy however many images that you want. Depending on the number you buy, the price varies. The more you buy, the cheaper the price per image. If you buy less than 10 images, each image is sold for $15. If you buy between 10 and 20 images, then each image is $12. If you buy 20 or more, the price drops to $10 a piece.

Here are some simple examples of what the pricing looks like:
3 images = $45
6 images = $90
8 images = $120
10 images = $120
20 images = $200

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