Did you know that at Jeromy Tompkins Photography it is possible to get your senior portraits for FREE? I am excited about capturing amazing portraits for my seniors! This year I am starting a campaign to encourage you to spread the word about your photos and the Jeromy Tompkins Photography brand. The campaign will kick off with a new senior ambassador program to help gain traction with the class of 2022. In addition, I will be offering a referral kickback to any client that books at the Standard and Deluxe package levels! Check out the details below.

The Ambassador Program

This year I will be looking for a small handful of well-connected, local rising seniors to purchase their senior portraits at a reduced price of $100. Not a bad price, right? These students will receive 7 professionally-retouched digital images (with print release) to share with their friends and family. Furthermore, they will be provided a sharable referral code that will earn them money back from their session. If the student successfully refers 4 other clients to me, then they will be refunded the entirety of their session price. In other words, for every client that is successfully referred, the student will earn $25 back.

The number of students that I can extend this offer to is limited, so it is necessary for me to gather a little extra information about my ambassadors before extending them the offer. I am looking for students who will be able to successfully refer me business. If you are interested, please go to the ambassador program application form and submit. Applications are being accepted through April 20, 2021.

The Referral Program

For everyone else that does not participate in the ambassador program, it is still possible to earn money back for referring me clients. Starting this year, I will be offering a kickback for anyone who successfully refers new clients to me after purchasing a Standard or Deluxe senior session. The idea is that after you purchase your senior portraits from me you will be provided a referral code that you can share with your friends. If your friends then purchase any senior session that occurs within 6 months of your session and provide me your referral code, you will earn $15 back. The kickback program lasts for 6 months following your session. At that point, I will send you the sum of all of your refunds during that period. The maximum kickback is limited to the package price of your booked session. All of this means that if you share your code and bring me new clients, you could earn back every dime of what you paid! Of course, I must be transparent and say that the number of clients I can shoot this season is finite, so there is no guarantee that if you refer a new client and they try to book with me that I will have availability.

Let's Do This!

It is super exciting to me to try out this new approach to senior portraits. To partner with my clients in a manner that will be mutually beneficial is going to be awesome. Let's get to it and capture some amazing stuff this summer!