Welcome back to Senior Stories! In this edition, we are going to dive into the wonderful world of Schoen Place. If you are not familiar with Schoen Place, it is a little shopping district down in the village of Pittsford. The draw of Schoen Place is its old time charm. I don't know exactly what it's purpose was when it was a canal landing back in the day, but the buildings at this site are old and industrial looking. It is the perfect kind of place to capture stunning imagery. The best part about Schoen Place is that it is public and requires no prior permission to shoot at.

The following set of images from this senior session are from outside an old sheet metal building on the east end of the landing. The session time was around 6pm when the light was starting to get low. At that time, the sun was lighting the little crevices and cracks in the building from the side to give great depth to the scene. That also created great pockets of shadow that allowed me to take greater control over the lighting conditions. Check out some of my favorites from this site below.

Distressed Wood Galore

At the other end of the sheet metal building, the metal gives way to wood for an altogether different vibe. This wood is distressed out of its mind, and an old-time overhead light elevates the look to that of a movie set. Go figure that it's a favorite spot to capture portraits!

Back to School

To finish out this session, my client wanted to incorporate some of his school into the session without being out on a sports field. The school was McQuaid Jesuit high school, a local all-boys Catholic school. To give that McQuaid vibe, I incorporated the "M" from the back of the school's outside grill. What you don't see is the big, ugly teal picnic table behind him on the right. There were a bunch of other distractions to deal with, but by choosing good angles and adjusting the lighting conditions with my off-camera flash, these came out awesome!

It's not too late!

Thanks for checking out these amazing shots from my last Class of 2023 senior session! For my readers who have not yet booked their Class of 2023 sessions, please know that it is not too late! There is still time. Reach out and let's schedule that session!

Stay tuned for more senior stories!